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ECU Tuning

ECU tuning is often the first step into tuning a vehicle. Updating the factory setup of the ECU with a customized one can make noticeable changes in ride quality, power output and even fuel consumption.

Using only ECU tuning, we are able to raise the power output of a Nissan GTR from 590HP to 620HP (depending on the model). For this we are making use of Ecutek and COBB. Using Ecutek, you are able to control the power output of your GTR yourself. This is made possible by connecting your smartphone to your cars ECU and using the Ecutek app. There's even a possibility to put your GTR in the so called "Godzilla" mode, which will instantly make your GTR spit enormous flames out of the exhaust.

Performance Upgrades


To make an engine run more smoothly, we rebuild and replace several components such as the air intake , valve settings and camshafts.


A standard Nissan GTR gearbox can only function up until a certain amount of horsepower. When going further, changes to the gearbox are needed in order to handle the increased power. We completely rebuild these gearboxes ourselves, making precise adjustments to make sure they’re capable of handling more torque than before.

Apart from this, in order to get the most out of a Nissan GTR, we also make adjustments to the turbos, exhaust, air intake, intercooler, brakes and suspension or install new and more powerful ones if needed.

Adjustable Traction Control

Being able to adjust traction control settings is a big advantage, especially when driving on a wet track. The stock traction control system cuts all power from the wheels when it senses a GTR is losing grip. By using an app on your smartphone connected to your GTR, you can change how much you want the system to interact. This means you can choose to keep sending power to the wheels in order to find grip faster than with a stock traction control setup. The system will also make sure no pressure will be lost on the turbos, which means there’ll still be enough boost when the wheels find grip again.

We’ve tested this system ourselves on a wet track and we’re very pleased with the way it interacts with our GTR.

Adjustable 4WD

As well as the traction control system mentioned above, it’s also possible to make changes to the four-wheel drive system using an app on your smartphone connected to your GTR’s ECU. This will enable you to switch from 4WD to mostly or only RWD.


When it comes to changing the interior looks on your Nissan GTR, pretty much anything is possible. All materials can be replaced, and customers often choose to have certain parts covered in alcantara, as well as the steering wheel, which immediately changes the looks inside.

Track focused GTR’s often have a roll cage and race seats installed, while this can also be used on normal, street-focused GTR’s.

Although the Nissan GTR comes with a high quality Bose sound system, it is possible to change it with another, even more advanced system if you’d like to take it a little further!


To give your Nissan GTR a more personalized look from the outside to make it stand out (even more), a lot can be done. Since there are many different aftermarket body parts available, you can basically create a unique, “one-off” Nissan GTR.

This is mostly done by replacing bumpers, sideskirts, spoiler, diffuser, mirrors and so on. These body parts are most often replaced by carbon ones.

In order to create a very unique piece of art, it is possible to install complete body kits, such as the ones from Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny and Prior Design. Belgium GTR Store is a official Distributor and fitter of Liberty Walk body kits. Take a look at our Liberty Walk projects here.

We also offer other body kits like Prior Design, Rocket Bunny, Pandem and many others!

Custom wheels also add a lot to the appearance of a car. We work closely together with 3SDM, Sexy-Wheels and Gravity Wheels to provide high quality wheels for your Nissan GTR.

To top it all off, getting a clean and unique wrap can also be arranged, as well as tinting the windows.


Belgium GTR Store can also maintain your GTR according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Even if your car has had an accident, we can repair it with original parts.


We have our own Belgium GTR Store trailer that's often used to transport our Liberty Walk GTR all over Europe. If you'd like to get your GTR somewhere but don't want to drive it there, we'll gladly take care of the transport. Transporting multiple vehicles or worldwide transport can also be arranged. Contact us for more info about this service.

Trackday Support

We offer full trackday support to our customers. We can make your GTR ready for the track and even come with you to a trackday to stand by and provide support on track.