Belgium GTR Store

Belgium GTR Store is a company that is specialized in modifying various Nissan GT-R models. With customers coming from all over Europe we stand for quality for all our customers. Belgium GTR Store offers various services to GTR owners such as official maintenance, engine tuning with or without extra performance parts, interior and exterior modifications and many more. No task is too big. If you can dream it, we can build it. Need a track or drift GTR or do you want to put a huge body kit on it? We can make it happen! Belgium GTR Store has access to all the necessary tools and parts to tune your Nissan GTR up to an astonishing 2500 horsepower. If that still isn't enough, then we don't know what is!

After the success of Belgium GTR Store, we are very pleased to announce we’ll also be working on cars other than the Nissan GTR. For tuning and modifying performance focused cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini , Mercedes-AMG, BMW M, Audi RS and so on.
Make sure to check out De Roover Performance

Trusted performance retailer

​Belgium GTR Store works closely together with various brands in order to provide our customers the best possible tuning options. We will gladly assist you when looking for parts. Whether you're looking for a new exhaust system, a different suspension setup or just an ECU tune, our close relationship with numerous trusted manufacturers means you will get the best service time after time. Looking for a specific brand? No problem! Get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.

Official Nissan GTR retailer

Belgium GTR Store is an official retailer of the MY2017 Nissan R-35 GTR. That means you can order Nissan's latest and newest model in the GTR line-up directly from us. Together with you, we will use our years of knowledge and experience to spec the GTR that satisfies all of your needs.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more info about the purchase of your very own Nissan GTR.

Liberty Walk distributor

Belgium GTR Store is an official distributor of Liberty Walk body kits. After the success of our very own Liberty Walk Nissan GTR demo car, we were determined to make these amazing body kits more easily available to customers in Europe. Our partnership with LB Performance allows us to directly order all of the Liberty Walk parts needed, including suspension, wheels,... and install them on your Nissan GTR. In comparison to the Japanese market, we use various different techniques to make these cars fully road-legal in Europe. If you're interested in a Liberty Walk body kit for a car other than the Nissan GTR, please head over to De Roover Performance.

Latest news

Last Saturday delivery of the GR8 LB M4, have fun and drive safe. Thanks for the trust in our company. Check the personal license plate

Our new flash light module for the Belgium GTR Store F1 brake lights.

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Our new website is online, please visit and tell us what you think. Big thanks to WebY, Tib photos for the service and design. These guys are amazing

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Two of our customers are driving the Runball Rally. We wish team Godzilla all the best and a safe trip.

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This new V8 Mustang was in for a Armytrix exhaust. What a sound.

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Good morning folks, another day in paradise