This is a real showpiece, and even the car which placed the Belgium GTR Store in the media worldwide. the car itself was a GTR Black edition. First it was put on some steroid producing 650hp. Afterwards Jean-Marie decided to do something extreme and fit a liberty walk kit on it. It would be the first one in the Benelux and the second in Europe. After hard work the car was finished and went to Signmania for a nice wrapping. We mounted some RYFT Design wheels including some Toyo R888 semi-slicks which were sponsored by Toyo Benelux. For some more sound, an IPE exhaust with remote-controlable valves was the perfect choice! And last but not least, a Liberty Walk kit wouldn’t be as stunning as it is, without some lowered suspension. So to get some good ride quality, and a nice look at the same time, Jean-Marie went for an Airrex air-ride kit.
While you guys enjoy all the pictures underneath, Jean-Marie and his team is preparing two new GTR’s from the UK to get a Liberty Walk kit fitted. For more info or to view the progress on the two UK cars, view our Projects page wich will be updated frequently with new pictures.